Coffee Color Sorter

This machine’s features and advantages are as follows:
1.The color sorter uses 2048 high performances CCD sensors
2.The sorter adopts high quality special industrial lenses designed and manufactured for
color detection.


This machine’s features and advantages are as follows:

1. The color sorter uses 2048 high performances CCD sensors

2. The sorter adopts high quality special industrial lenses designed and manufactured for color detection.

3. The high speed DSP technology provides the sorter with fast detection and high identification rate.

4. Overall unit adopts intelligent closed-loop control system.

5. High speed air valve is used to ensure quick response, low power consumption and long service life.

6. The sorter uses intelligent temperature and air pressure control technology in order to ensure the best operative mode for the whole machine.

7. Automatic failure alarm and modular construction make the machine easy to be maintained.

8. Vision CCD color sorters use professional large-size optical lenses. The working parameters are customized according to material color sorting requirements. The optimized light path structure ensures proper imaging and high image quality.

9. he patented high speed snifting valve design and manufacturing technology adopts optimized valve design and special manufacturing technique to ensure quick response, low power consumption and long service life

10. The chutes are made of special alloy materials and molded with precision digital equipment with vacuum surface plating. Therefore, chutes are hard to wear and corrosion resistance. Special      chutes will be used for materials with different shapes to ensure high flow speed and volume and easy maintenance

11. We have extensive connections with rice mill plant and dealers or agents in this filed from Asia, Africa, South America, East Europe, USA. Looking forward to your inquiry.

Relevant Information:

1.Any details can communicate with us according to raw materials and detailed requirements

2.Transportation: any seaport of China

3.Packages: wooden case meeting export standard

4.Terms of payment: L/C or T/T

5.Stock: customized

6.good after-sales service and installation instructions

7.Installation and test running: the seller will send engineer to guide equipment erection and do test running.

8.warranty:the standard warranty period for manufacturing of the date of commissioning of the machine is 12 months.


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