Fruit dryer

Application:fruit. vegetables. fish. agricultural. meat.
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Application:fruit. vegetables. fish. agricultural. meat.


 This drying machine is widely used for the heating and dehumidification of raw materials and products in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, light, and heavy industries. Especially for the fruit and vegetable food processing. Suit for factory, restaurant, school, farm and so on.


1. Our this series stainless steel multi-function drying machine can dry all kinds of materials,such as meat, vegetables, fruits, spice, sea cucumber, herbs,
onions, gingers, tea leaves etc.
2. Used for drying Chinese herbal pieces, dissolved medicines, powder, crude drug, Drug packing bottle,pigment,dyestuff,dehydrated vegetables ,food, plastic resin, paper,
leather,wool, electrical apparatus element ,salts,catalyst etc.
3.Suit for factory,restaurant,school ,farm and so on.
4.suitable for all kinds of food material,seafood drying such as  seaweed, dried fish, shrimp, squid, fish fillet, sea cucumber, abalone,also  apply to the bamboo shoot, mushroom, spices,garlic, tea leaf, flowers, sophora flower bud, dried fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, sweet potato, corn, peas, beans, coconut,  nuts, dried black fungus and other agricultural and sideline products, as well as the honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, rhubarb, red sage root, ginseng and other Chinese herbal medicine drying.


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